Actually, there are a lot of DSLAM made by ZTE.

But the command on those DSLAM are nearly the same to each other.
Here’s the example of one of them, to allow a VLAN to existing configured DSLAM ZTE for VPN over ADSL2+.Get into the DSLAM by telnet. 

First, you must config the pvc on the adsl port where you want to use

DSLAM-ZTE# config
DSLAM-ZTE(config)# int adsl 3/1
DSLAM-ZTE(cfg-if-adsl-3/1)# atm pvc 1 vpi 0 vci 33 –> the vpi and the vci setting, must exactly the same with the one on the modem configuration

Then back to the main config, and create the new VLAN which you want to use (123 in my case),

DSLAM-ZTE(config)# add-vlan 123 –> this is used to create a new VLAN
DSLAM-ZTE(config)# vlan 123 1/1 –> allow VLAN to Uplink (ethernet port)
DSLAM-ZTE(config)# vlan 123 3/1 pvc 1 tag  –> allow VLAN to adsl port
DSLAM-ZTE(config)# vlan 123 3/1 pvc 1 untag –> this must be configured too, in order the device to work properly

Then get into the adsl port once again to allow the VLAN and the adsl profile

DSLAM-ZTE(config)# int adsl 3/1
DSLAM-ZTE(config)# pvid 123 pvc 1 –> 123 is the VLAN
DSLAM-ZTE(config)# adsl profile PROFILE1024.PRF –> the file list can be obtained with the “show adsl profile” command

Then the port is ready to use,

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