Tellabs_8860> sho ckt vlanid xxxx (det) : To see list of VLANs on the Tellbas by the VLAN ID
Tellabs_8860> sho ckt name yyyy (det) : To see VLAN and interface info.
Tellabs_8860> sho interface ge-n/n/n/n, so-n/n/n/n:n (ext) : To see statuf of interface.
Tellabs_8860> sho rolling-counters ckt name xxxx : To see running VLAN statistics
Tellabs_8860> sho ckt int ge-n/n/n/n, so-n/n/n/n:n : To see statuf of circuit
Tellabs_8860> sho event history-table last xxx (det) : To see the logs for the last xxx events
Tellabs_8860> sho equip channel so-n/n/n/n:n ext
Tellabs_8860> show equip port so-n/n/n/n:n ext
Tellabs_8860> show equip line-card 1/5 extensive
Tellabs_8860> show equip line-card
Tellabs_8860> show equip sw-card
Tellabs_8860> show equip channel
Tellabs_8860> show equip line-module 1/5/3

Tellabs_8860> show ckt
Tellabs_8860> show interface
Tellabs_8860> show equip port
Tellabs_8860> show event current-table detail
Tellabs_8860> show protocol ip statistic

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